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  • 4GB


    4GB RAM (Dedicated)
    4 vCPU (Dedicated)
    96GB SSD Storage
    3TB Transfer
    40GB redundant connectivity
    From $100.00/mo




    8GB RAM (Dedicated)
    6 vCPU (Dedicated)
    192GB SSD Storage
    3TB Transfer
    40GB redundant connectivity
    From $200.00/mo




    16GB RAM (Dedicated)
    12 vCPU (Dedicated)
    192GB SSD Storage
    3TB Transfer
    40GB redundant connectivity
    From $500.00/mo

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    Public Cloud Site Hosting

    Let’s focus on what separates us from what we refer to as “commodity” cloud hosting companies. All of our plans include free development hosting and access to our entire suite of integrated project and code management tools like Cloudforge, Jira, git, Basecamp and Lucidcharts. The staff that manages your infrastructure is made up of a team of application development and infrastructure veterans, who support you around the clock and can fix issues with no triage — typically while on the phone with you. We offer support for both infrastructure and application-level issues, including monthly performance reports from our full-stack monitoring tool. We’ll recommend application enhancements, or even perform them for you. Our infrastructure is built on the latest technology (Citrix Cloudstack, Xen Hypervisor, Puppet, Nagios, etc…) and our support team’s office is directly above our data center.

    If you’re currently hosting your Elgg site(s) with another provider, our team will manage a seamless migration to ArckCloud.

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      Deploy Elgg to ArckCloud with a single click.

      ArckCloud handles all of the configuration and integration work for you. Automatic on and off-site backups keep your data safe. It’s fast, easy and fun!

    • observe


      Watch your site’s performance using our monitoring tools.

      We automatically monitor all of your servers and make performance improvements. Our alerts let you know when there are problems and we handle them for you.

    • customize


      Add any plugins or themes to your Elgg blog.

      Use our integrated project and code management tools like Jira, git and Basecamp. Work with our team at Arck Interactive for larger designand development projects.

    • saas

      Elgg SaaS

      With our turnkey Software as a Service infrastructure, you get the Elgg software at its best, leaving you free to create your content, and we’ll take care of all the details: uptime, maintenance, and support are on us.

    • optimize


      Our expert Elgg development team work with your own developers to make sure your site is performing as fast as computationally possible.

    • backups

      CDN and Backups

      Got media? Our global CDN option will deliver your content lightning fast, no matter where your viewers live. Our backup services includes options for on-site and off-site backups, keeping your date safe and secure.

    • trusted


      As the operator of ArckCloud.com — one of the world’s most successful managed cloud hosting providers, we know enterprise-level scaling.

    • scalable


      Traffic is our friend. We serve 10 million pageviews per day without raising a brow. Our development team works with yours to guarantee your site is ready for the amount of traffic you anticipate, whether it requires code optimization or additional infrastructure.

    • relevant


      You always get the latest Elgg features and functionality the moment they’re released into Elgg. Additionally, our Elgg development team will keep you updated of all relevant community plugins and features.